Xylon Studio IDE

Build beautiful Microsoft Windows Applications.

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Version 0.2.16


Xylon Studio has intelligent code completion enabled by default, allowing you to write you code easier and faster.

How it works

Keywords, properties and methods are provided by the SDK.

This means, you can add your own custom keywords, properties and methods.


The intellisense also provides a description when the mouse is hovoring or selecting a keyword, propertie or method.

Solution Explorer

The solution explorer makes navigating through your project easy.

The perfect  UI

The Xylon Studio User Interface has the basic tools and features a beginner needs.

C% (C Modulus)

0.3.2* (Testing)

A new Language that compiles to JavaScript, created for the subatomicJS Framework and seshaUI library.

subatomic JS (Next)

Software Framework that allows the development of GUI Softwares using the Chromium Engine.

Xylon Studio

0.2.16 (Public Beta)

An IDE that compiles subatomicJS Applications and allows the development of Android Applications.

Ready to build beautiful Microsoft Windows Application?.